Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Setting The Standard

So what is it, exactly, that I'm using as a scale for the reviews here? What's my basis for comparison?

My "gold standard" consists of four examples: the Star Wars radio dramas by Brian Daley; the BBC production of Lord of the Rings; the Hitchhiker's Guide radio series; and the comic book adaptations by Dirk Maggs (Superman Lives!/Superman: Doomsday and Beyond and Batman: Knightfall being the key shows, but his other ones count, too).

Why those four?

Because I personally feel those four productions exemplify audio drama excellence. Each example is at the top of its game.

I figure if you're gonna create audio drama, why not strive to create it using those four as your guide?

That's it.

That's the basis.

And remember: YMMV*

You might have a different take altogether. You might say, "Abner/Ace, you're completely wrong and totally off-base! You have no business reviewing audio drama, you worthless hack! Go back to Mordor from whence you came! You suck donkey danglies."

In that case, feel free to sound off in the comments following the review.

But this is my blog and I'll stand by whatever I say.

Slightly related to this: "Where do I find the programs I review?"

Some are from my personal collection. Stuff I bought over the years.

Others come from scouring the Interwebs. SFFaudio is a great resource for finding goodies. Also, Sonic Society and Radio Drama Revival Podcast.

Do you know of other resources? Tell me in the comments.

*Your Mileage May Vary

(comic borrowed from xkcd)
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